Histology of Cells & Basic Tissues

What will you learn using this resource?

As an introduction to "Histology" you will learn some of the basic histological preparative methods and the use of stains or dyes to view cells and tissues. You will learn about the basic structure of the mammalian cell including its major organelles and their functions. You will then learn the specific characteristics of the 4 basic tissues (epithelium, connective tissues, muscle tissue and nerve tissue), and how they are specialized for specific functions. Completing quizzes at the end of each topic confirms your understanding and are ideal preparations for completing your histology examinations with confidence!

Histology of Human Organs

What will you learn using this resource?

Assuming some basic knowledge of the histology of cells and basic tissues you are presented detailed descriptions of the histological structure and cellular specializations of organs and organ systems of the body accompanied by high resolution images of each tissue and organ. Completing quizzes at the end of each topic confirms your understanding and are ideal preparations for completing your histology examinations with confidence!

Meyer's Histology - Online Interactive Atlas

A very popular resource used by students all over the world.

On a separate website (https://www.histology-online.com) you can examine over 4000 images of cells, tissues and organs. Hyperlinks engage you to identify key histological structures. Examine tissues and organs using virtual microscopy. You no longer need to use a microscope - and you can complete a laboratory practical class at home! Complete review quizzes at the end of each topic.

Online Histology Lectures

View histology lectures presented by Professor Meyer

Learn concepts effectively with short, concise, and easy-to-follow video lectures presented by Professor Meyer. Benefit from integrated quiz questions, 3D anatomy models, multi-lingual captions, and downloadable slides. These lectures and many others on all topics in a Medical/Dental School curriculum are presented by "Lecturio.com".

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All resources were created by an award-winning anatomy and histology professor


Geoffrey Meyer

I am a Professor and Senior Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Human Sciences, at the University of Western Australia (UWA). I have been teaching anatomy (including neuroanatomy) and histology for over 40 years. During that time I have received a number of teaching awards including a UWA Excellence in Innovation in Teaching Award, an International Excellence in Innovation in Teaching, Learning and Technology Award and was a 1999 Australian University Teaching Award Winner. In 2006, I received a UWA Teaching Fellowship and was awarded a prestigious ALTC (Australian Learning and Teaching Council) Fellowship in 2009. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (FRSB) and member of the International Federation of National Teaching Fellows (IFNTF). I am the immediate Past-Coordinator for Histology on the Federative International Program for Anatomical Terminologies (FIPAT) of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA).

What students are saying about Meyer's Histology

"Meyer's Histology is definitely one of the top resources available to students in the health sciences."

Max (UCLA Student)

"I was warned by friends that Histology is a tough subject, but Meyer's Histology was organized around a system that made it easy to learn and remember key information. Listening to the audio videos, you can hear how passionate Professor Meyer is about the subject and wants students to succeed. Little by little, squiggly lines and fuzzy dots became structures I could name and identify. The image atlas uses high quality, well labeled photos and gives concise descriptions. Finally, the quizzes help drill key concepts and pinpoint weak spots that need review.

I know 2020 has been difficult for a lot of students this year, but I truly believe that if they had resources like the ones you've put together it would be a much more seamless transition from in person to online classes.

Kimberly (UCLA Student)

All the resources you provided, recorded audio and videos of all basic tissues and human organs as well as the Meyer's Histology Interative Online Atlas website with practice quizzes integrated at the end of each topic, were amazing tools to help me understand the material to be successful in my histology class. The Meyer's Histology resources really helped clarify what the key points for each topic were and it was much easier to retain the information when I could click a highlighted word in the passage and it would show me exactly where it was located on the slide.

Confused about histology? Well here's your solution.

UCLA students

"This site breaks down and explains complex histological images. You will find helpful tips and tricks on how to identify features you never believed you could. This is a must have resource!" Tawny (UCLA) "Professor Meyer’s style of teaching is phenomenal. His teaching method is throwing you fully into the subject so you can really get to experience it. The material may seem difficult at times, but with the online atlas and videos, you are guaranteed to do well in this course!" Thank you so much. Wish you all the best! Stephanie (UCLA)