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Histology of Cells and Basic Tissues will be a most useful resource particularly during any restrictions to accessing your normal learning resources due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Register for a "Free Preview" of a selection of "Lectures" in each topic as indicated in the "Course curriculum" below. You can continue to access these resources for just $10.99 for 12 months access! Make sure your histology professor and fellow students know about this resource. Ask a class representative or your professor to email me (geoff.meyer@uwa.edu.au) if you want your class to enrol for a further reduced fee for all students - and staff! If you go to https://www.histology-online.com and register for full access (ONLY $19.99 AUD) to the Online, Interactive Atlas, you get FREE ACCESS to "Histology of Cells and Basic Tissues" and "Histology of Human Organs" for 12 months!

What you'll learn

This curriculum in histology of cells and basic tissues is typical of what students study in any medical, dental, and allied health course at colleges and universities throughout the world. Emphasis is placed on viewing extensive images and histological sections of cells and tissues as you would do in a traditional histology laboratory practical session - but with accompanying audio descriptions.

  • Structure of the mammalian cell

    You will view descriptions of the typical structure of a mammalian cell then all the different histological characteristic of all the very specialized cells in the human body

  • Histology of all the basic tissues

    Each of the four basic tissues of the body are described - epithelium including glandular tissue, connective tissues including cartilage, bone, blood and bone marrow. The three different types of muscle tissue are described and then the histological features of peripheral nerves, ganglia and the brain and spinal cord

  • Correct answers to extensive quiz questions

    Complete extensive quizzes to prepare for your histology examinations. These questions are the same questions I have used in my 40 years teaching histology!

How will you learn the content

Each topic contains numerous short videos describing the relevant histological details

  • View detailed explanations

    View a detailed description of each cell or tissue in the human body and have relevant histological structures indicated by arrows and other markers on high resolution images. And at the end of each topic complete an extensive quiz to confirm your understanding. A perfect way to prepare for your histology examination!

Get a great score in your histology examinations

Complete quizzes at the end of each topic

Do you want a high score in your histology examinations? The online interactive atlas contains extensive quiz questions at the end of each topic. Each of the quiz questions are very similar to what you'd be asked in your examination because I have used them in my 40 years teaching histology!